Director's Message

STJ Group is derived from the term “Shop to Joy” that captures every customer’s desire, hope and thrill when one buys something. STJ was initiated to forge a brand that offers value and sparks individuality.

I enter the market space with STJ Group by unfurling my own first Jewellery Brand Saraf – The Jewellers. I chose the name Saraf because I believed it to be a reflection of Jewellery.

STJ had dominated the market with its Jewellery business. Now as every person looks up for investment, like them I too thought of the same. But one day, when I was travelling by Airport Road, a thought strikes my mind why shouldn’t I focus my attention on development? As I found the road to be a futuristic one, enclosing the Airport that could turn out as a lucrative source of investment. As a responsible citizen, I thought this development can accelerate Tricity’s growth and development.

Then comes my First Project Mohali Citi Centre –I. After the amazing response, I got on my first commercial project, it gave me the hope to fly even higher & soon I unfurl multiple projects in the same category. After the victorious glory and being the No.1 choice in commercial preference of people, STJ is soon coming up with influential Residential and Industrial Projects.

My aim regarding the upcoming Residential Project is to acquaint people with the real meaning of Luxury by delivering something unique and extra.

I have always kept a customer-centric approach and delivered what I say. My integrity is what stands STJ apart. For me, customer satisfaction is the priority and delivering to them what they expect is my ideology & belief. I always believed in giving our best in whatever situation arrives.

I envision STJ as a promising group that comes up with innovative and customer-oriented products. I aim at strengthening the roots of STJ as a name on which people can rely upon.

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